Natural Unique Coloured Sapphire

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Natural Unique Coloured Sapphire | Pear Cut | 0.93Carat | 6.76x5.17x3.35mm | Gemstone | Madagascar

Natural Unique Colour Sapphire
ORIGIN :Madagascar
SHAPE : Pear Cut
DIMENSIONS ( approx.)
LENGTH :6.76mm
WIDTH :5.17 mm
HEIGHT :3.35mm
WEIGHT :0.93Carat
With Gemstone Authenticity Confirmation.
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When it comes to gemstones, sapphires are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and cherished gems in the world. Known for their stunning beauty and durability, sapphires have captivated the hearts of gemstone enthusiasts for centuries. Among the various types of sapphires available, natural unique coloured sapphires stand out as true marvels of nature. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating world of natural unique coloured sapphires, their origin, and why they are highly valued by gemstone connoisseurs.

What are Natural Unique Coloured Sapphires?

Natural unique coloured sapphires are a special category of sapphires that exhibit extraordinary colours beyond the traditional blue hue commonly associated with sapphires. These gemstones come in a mesmerizing array of colours, including pink, yellow, green, purple, and even rare colours like padparadscha (a delicate blend of pink and orange). Unlike synthetic or lab-grown sapphires, natural unique coloured sapphires are formed deep within the Earth's crust over millions of years, making them truly exceptional.

Why are Natural Unique Coloured Sapphires Highly Valued?

One of the primary reasons why natural unique coloured sapphires are highly valued is their rarity. While blue sapphires are relatively common, finding natural sapphires in vibrant colours is a rarity. The scarcity of these gemstones makes them highly coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Additionally, the unique colours of these sapphires make them perfect for creating one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that stand out from the crowd.

How to Identify Natural Unique Coloured Sapphires?

Identifying natural unique coloured sapphires requires a keen eye and some knowledge about gemstones. Here are a few key factors to consider:

  • Colour: Natural unique coloured sapphires exhibit vibrant and intense colours. The colour should be evenly distributed throughout the gemstone.
  • Clarity: Look for sapphires with minimal inclusions or blemishes. Higher clarity enhances the beauty and value of the gemstone.
  • Origin: Sapphires from certain regions, such as Kashmir, Burma, and Sri Lanka, are highly prized due to their exceptional quality and colour.
  • Cut: A well-cut sapphire will reflect light beautifully, enhancing its brilliance and overall appearance.

Where to Find Natural Unique Coloured Sapphires?

When it comes to purchasing natural unique coloured sapphires, it is essential to rely on reputable and trustworthy sources. Established gemstone dealers and certified jewellers are your best bet to ensure the authenticity and quality of the gemstones. They can provide you with detailed information about the gemstone's origin, certification, and any treatments it may have undergone.

Whether you are a gemstone collector, a jewellery enthusiast, or someone looking for a truly unique and precious gem, natural unique coloured sapphires are an excellent choice. Their breathtaking colours, rarity, and natural origin make them a valuable addition to any gemstone collection or jewellery piece. Explore the world of natural unique coloured sapphires and let their beauty and allure leave you spellbound.

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$450.00 AUD