Purple Coloured Gemstones

When it comes to gemstones, there is a wide array of colors to choose from. Each color has its own unique charm and symbolism. In this blog post, we will explore the world of purple coloured gemstones. From the mesmerizing amethyst to the regal sapphire, these gemstones are not only stunning but also hold deep meaning. Let's dive in and discover the allure of purple gemstones!

What makes a gemstone purple?

Purple gemstones get their enchanting hue from trace amounts of minerals such as manganese, iron, and chromium. These minerals interact with the crystal structure of the gemstone, resulting in the captivating purple color. The intensity of the purple can vary, ranging from soft lavender to deep violet.

Amethyst: The Crown Jewel of Purple Gemstones

Amethyst is undoubtedly the most well-known purple gemstone. With its rich purple color and excellent clarity, it has been cherished for centuries. This gemstone is a variety of quartz and is often associated with qualities such as peace, clarity, and spiritual growth. Amethyst is also the birthstone for February, making it a popular choice for jewelry gifts.

Tanzanite: The Rare Beauty

Tanzanite is a relatively new addition to the world of gemstones. Discovered in Tanzania in the 1960s, this gemstone quickly gained popularity for its vibrant blueish-purple hue. Tanzanite is a pleochroic gem, meaning it can display different colors when viewed from different angles. Its rarity and unique color make it highly sought after by collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

Sapphire: The Royal Purple

When we think of sapphires, we often imagine the classic blue variety. However, sapphires can also be found in a stunning purple shade. Known as "purple sapphires" or "violet sapphires," these gemstones exude elegance and sophistication. Purple sapphires are associated with wisdom, nobility, and spiritual enlightenment. Their allure lies in their deep, velvety purple color.

Charoite: The Stone of Transformation

Charoite is a unique gemstone that is found only in Siberia, Russia. Its striking purple color, often adorned with swirling patterns, makes it a true marvel of nature. Charoite is believed to possess powerful energy that aids in personal transformation and spiritual growth. This gemstone is highly valued by collectors and those seeking a stone with metaphysical properties.


Purple gemstones offer a captivating and meaningful choice for jewelry lovers. Whether you are drawn to the regal beauty of amethyst, the rare allure of tanzanite, the royal elegance of purple sapphires, or the transformative energy of charoite, there is a purple gemstone to suit every taste. Explore the world of purple gemstones and discover the beauty and symbolism they hold!

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