Natural Green Sapphire


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Natural Green Sapphire | Oval Cut | 1.80 Carat | 7.5x6x4.50 mm | Sapphire | Madagascar


Natural Green Sapphire
ORIGIN :Madagascar
SHAPE : Oval Cut
DIMENSIONS ( approx.)
LENGTH : 7.50 mm
WIDTH : 6.00  mm
HEIGHT : 4.50 mm
WEIGHT :1.80 Carat
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When it comes to gemstones, few can rival the elegance and allure of natural green sapphire. With its stunning green hue and exceptional durability, this gemstone has become a popular choice for jewelry enthusiasts and collectors alike. In this blog post, we will explore the world of natural green sapphire, its unique properties, and the benefits of owning loose sapphire stones.

What is Natural Green Sapphire?

Natural green sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is also the same mineral that forms rubies. While sapphires are typically associated with blue hues, green sapphires offer a refreshing twist to the traditional gemstone. The green color is caused by the presence of iron and chromium impurities during the gemstone's formation process.

Exceptional Durability

One of the key reasons why natural green sapphire is highly sought after is its exceptional durability. With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamonds, sapphires are incredibly resistant to scratches and abrasions. This makes them an ideal choice for everyday wear, especially in engagement rings or other frequently worn jewelry pieces.

A Rainbow of Green Shades

Natural green sapphires come in a wide range of shades, from light and subtle to deep and intense. The color intensity can vary depending on the concentration of impurities and the specific hue of green. Some green sapphires may exhibit a yellowish-green or bluish-green undertone, adding to their unique charm.

Healing and Metaphysical Properties

Throughout history, gemstones have been associated with various healing and metaphysical properties. Green sapphires, in particular, are believed to promote balance, harmony, and spiritual growth. They are thought to enhance intuition, attract abundance, and foster emotional well-being. Whether you believe in these properties or simply appreciate the beauty of the gemstone, natural green sapphires offer a touch of mystique and intrigue.

Loose Sapphire Stones: Endless Possibilities

One of the advantages of owning loose sapphire stones is the versatility they offer. Whether you are a jewelry designer or a gemstone collector, loose green sapphires provide endless possibilities for creativity. You can use them to create custom-designed jewelry pieces, incorporate them into existing designs, or simply add them to your gemstone collection.

Investment Value

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, natural green sapphires also hold investment value. As with any gemstone, the value of green sapphires can appreciate over time, especially if they possess exceptional color, clarity, and size. Investing in loose sapphire stones allows you to take advantage of potential future price increases while enjoying the beauty of the gemstone in the present.


Natural green sapphire is a gemstone that combines beauty, durability, and versatility. Whether you are drawn to its captivating green hue, its metaphysical properties, or its investment potential, owning loose sapphire stones opens up a world of possibilities. So why not explore the enchanting world of natural green sapphire and discover the gemstone that speaks to you?


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