Natural Parti Sapphire


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Discover the beauty of the Natural Parti Sapphire, a stunning stone that radiates the essence of nature. Its unique color combination and fascinating technological properties make it an incomparable choice for jewelry lovers. Experience the radiant expression of Natural Parti Sapphire—surround yourself with a glowing aura of nature's beauty!

Natural Parti Sapphire  | Oval Cut | 1.16 Carat | 7.32x5.58 mm | Sapphire Stones | Madagascan Sapphires | Natural Earth Sourced Gemstones

NATURAL Parti SAPPHIRE  | OVAL CUT | 1.16 CARAT | 7.32x5.58 MM |

Natural Parti Sapphire
ORIGIN : Madagascar 
SHAPE : Oval Cut

DIMENSIONS ( approx.)
LENGTH : 7.32 mm
WIDTH : 5.58 mm
HEIGHT : 3.51 mm

WEIGHT : 1.16 Carat
CLARITY : Eye Clean

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Please be assured that we only sell natural earth mined gemstones and we ensure that all of them are ethically and responsibly mined/sourced.

We don't sell lab created, synthetic or man made stones.

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Why Buy Natural Parti Sapphire Loose Gemstones?

There are many reasons to buy natural parti sapphire loose gemstones. For one, they are a rare and unique gemstone that's perfect for collectors and jewelry makers alike. Every gemstone has a distinct color combination, making each one-of-a-kind and highly sought after.

Another reason to buy natural parti sapphire loose gemstones is that they are a good investment. As a naturally occurring gemstone, their value increases over time, making them an excellent choice for those looking to invest in gemstones. With their rare beauty and unique qualities, natural parti sapphires are a gemstone that will surely increase in value over time.

Finally, natural parti sapphire loose gemstones are perfect for custom jewelry making. With their distinct color combinations, they can be used to create stunning and unique pieces of jewelry that are sure to be a conversation starter. Whether you're looking to create a statement piece or a subtle yet elegant piece of jewelry, a natural parti sapphire is an excellent choice.

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