Natural Yellow Sapphire

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Natural Yellow Sapphire | Emerald Cut | 0.9Carat | 6.2x4.9x2.85mm | Gemstone | Ceylon

Natural Yellow Sapphire
ORIGIN :Ceylon
SHAPE : Emerald Cut
DIMENSIONS ( approx.)
LENGTH :6.2mm
WIDTH :4.9 mm
HEIGHT :2.85mm
WEIGHT :0.9Carat
With Gemstone Authenticity Confirmation.
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When it comes to gemstones, the yellow sapphire stands out as a truly remarkable and captivating stone. With its vibrant yellow color and exceptional properties, it has become a sought-after gemstone for both its beauty and its metaphysical qualities. In this blog post, we will explore the genuine yellow sapphire, its characteristics, and why it is a gemstone worth considering.

What is a Genuine Yellow Sapphire?

A genuine yellow sapphire, also known as Pukhraj in Hindi, is a precious gemstone that belongs to the corundum family. It is a variety of the mineral corundum, which is composed of aluminum oxide. The yellow color of the sapphire is due to the presence of trace elements, such as iron and chromium, during its formation.

Characteristics of a Genuine Yellow Sapphire

One of the distinguishing features of a genuine yellow sapphire is its vibrant and intense yellow color. The color can range from a pale yellow to a deep golden hue. The gemstone is also known for its excellent clarity, which allows light to pass through and create a beautiful sparkle.

Yellow sapphires are also known for their durability, with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale. This makes them highly resistant to scratches and suitable for everyday wear. Additionally, they have a high refractive index, which contributes to their brilliance and luster.

The Metaphysical Properties of Yellow Sapphire

Beyond its physical beauty, the yellow sapphire is believed to possess powerful metaphysical properties. In Vedic astrology, it is associated with the planet Jupiter, which is considered the planet of wisdom, knowledge, and prosperity. It is believed that wearing a yellow sapphire can bring good fortune, abundance, and success in various aspects of life.

According to astrologers, the yellow sapphire can enhance one's intellect, improve decision-making abilities, and promote spiritual growth. It is also said to have a positive influence on relationships, promoting harmony and understanding.

How to Choose a Genuine Yellow Sapphire

When purchasing a yellow sapphire, it is essential to ensure its authenticity. Here are a few tips to help you choose a genuine yellow sapphire:

  1. Color: Look for a vibrant and uniform yellow color without any hints of orange or brown.
  2. Clarity: Choose a stone with good clarity, without any visible inclusions or blemishes.
  3. Cut: Opt for a well-cut yellow sapphire to maximize its brilliance and sparkle.
  4. Origin: Consider the origin of the gemstone, as certain regions are known for producing high-quality yellow sapphires.

Caring for Your Yellow Sapphire

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your yellow sapphire, proper care is essential. Here are some care tips:

  • Store your yellow sapphire separately from other gemstones to prevent scratches.
  • Avoid exposing the gemstone to harsh chemicals or extreme temperatures.
  • Clean your yellow sapphire regularly using a mild soap and a soft brush.
  • Have your yellow sapphire professionally inspected and cleaned periodically.

In conclusion, the genuine yellow sapphire is a gemstone that combines beauty and power. Its vibrant yellow color, exceptional properties, and metaphysical qualities make it a valuable addition to any jewelry collection. Whether you are drawn to its aesthetic appeal or its spiritual significance, the yellow sapphire is a gemstone that is sure to captivate and inspire.

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$320.00 AUD