Natural Blue Purple Sapphire

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Natural Blue Purple Sapphire | Cushion Cut | 2.4Carat | 7.90x6.50x5.00mm | Sapphire | Ceylon

Natural Blue Purple Sapphire

Origin : Ceylon

Clarity : VVS

Shape : Cushion Cut

Weight : 2.40 Carats

Length : 7.90 mm
Width : 6.50 mm
Depth : 5.00 mm

With Gemstone Authenticity Confirmation.

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When it comes to gemstones, few can rival the mesmerizing allure of the natural blue purple sapphire. With its stunning color and exceptional rarity, this gemstone has captivated the hearts of gem enthusiasts and collectors alike. In this blog post, we will explore the fascinating world of natural blue purple sapphires, from their formation to their unique properties.

What Makes Natural Blue Purple Sapphire So Special?

Natural blue purple sapphires are a rare variety of corundum, the same mineral that forms rubies. What sets them apart is their captivating color, which ranges from a deep blue with purple undertones to a vibrant purple with blue hints. This unique coloration is caused by the presence of trace elements such as titanium and iron during the gemstone's formation.

Unlike other colored gemstones, the color of a natural blue purple sapphire is not only determined by its hue but also by its saturation and tone. Saturation refers to the intensity of the color, while tone refers to the lightness or darkness of the gemstone. The most valuable blue purple sapphires exhibit a rich, vivid color with a medium to dark tone and high saturation.

The Formation of Natural Blue Purple Sapphire

Natural blue purple sapphires are formed deep within the Earth's crust under intense heat and pressure. They are typically found in metamorphic rocks, such as gneiss and schist, as well as in alluvial deposits. The geological conditions required for the formation of these gemstones are incredibly rare, making them highly sought after by collectors.

During their formation, blue purple sapphires undergo a process called crystallization, where the corundum minerals align in a repeating pattern to create a crystal lattice structure. This structure gives the gemstone its exceptional hardness, ranking 9 on the Mohs scale. In fact, sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones after diamonds, making them ideal for jewelry that withstands daily wear.

The Versatility of Natural Blue Purple Sapphire

Due to their captivating color and exceptional hardness, natural blue purple sapphires are highly versatile gemstones. They are often used as center stones in engagement rings, adding a unique and vibrant touch to the traditional diamond ring. Blue purple sapphires are also popular in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, where their vivid color can truly shine.

Furthermore, blue purple sapphires are believed to possess metaphysical properties that promote wisdom, intuition, and spiritual growth. They are associated with the third eye chakra, which is believed to enhance one's perception and insight. Many individuals also wear blue purple sapphires as a symbol of protection and good fortune.

In Conclusion

Natural blue purple sapphires are truly a marvel of nature. Their captivating color, exceptional rarity, and versatility make them highly sought after by gem enthusiasts and collectors. Whether you're looking for a unique engagement ring or a meaningful piece of jewelry, a blue purple sapphire is sure to make a lasting impression.

Remember, when purchasing a natural blue purple sapphire, it's important to rely on reputable sources and gemstone experts to ensure the authenticity and quality of the gemstone. With proper care and appreciation, a blue purple sapphire can be cherished for generations to come.

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$3,200.00 AUD