Natural Green Sapphire


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What Makes Natural Green Sapphire So Special?

Natural Green Sapphire | Oval Cut | 6.66x5.45 mm | 0.86 Carat | Loose Corundum | Unset Sapphire | Engagement Rings | Sapphire Ring

Natural Green Sapphire

Clarity : SI

Origin : Madagascar

Shape : Oval Cut

Weight : 0.86 Carat

Length      : 6.66 mm
Width      :  5.45 mm
Depth      : 2.70 mm

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The first point to marvel at is the Natural Green Sapphire's exquisite color. This gemstone possesses a rich, luxurious green tone unmatched by any other stone. It resonates with the natural world, exuding a calming aura symbolic of nature's ever-present tranquility.

The second aspect to admire is the stone's quality. When you purchase from us, you are ensuring a natural, high-quality product. We do not provide anything less than the best. Our Natural Green Sapphire maintains an impressive clarity, refracting light beautifully.

Finally, our Natural Green Sapphire is incredibly versatile. Whether you're designing a ring, necklace, or bracelet, this gemstone adds an irresistible touch. Think of it as the perfect finishing detail to your dream piece of jewelry.

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